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Out with the Old, In with the New: A Reflection on New Year's Message

Hello again and welcome back!

I just wanted to make this brief post (for once) to write a New Year's message and most importantly to thank you for your support during this crazy year!

I have learned so much throughout 2023. Not only about photography but a lot about myself. It wasn't an easy year mentally for me but even through the ups and downs I am grateful for everything I went through.

I have to admit I am not very happy that I didn’t upload as much content as I would have liked because, even though I have most of it written, preparing the photos for the examples and making each post SEO-friendly takes me an insane amount of time. And my Mon-Fri work has kept me pretty busy as well but let’s not talk about that.

But I think that good things take time and I’ve put a lot of love and effort into each one of these so I hope you enjoyed them and learned something from them!

I have a lot of content coming up and I will try to be more consistent with it so keep an eye out for that. If you don’t want to miss the upcoming posts, make sure to subscribe so you get notifications!

Also, I’ve created some plans where I will be posting exclusive content and amazing resources to take your photography to the next level. If you want to check that out, click on the link below.

The plans start at $3 to $5 only per month. It’s not a lot but this will allow me to dedicate more time to this blog and photography business so I would appreciate the help.

Now as a New Year’s bonus, I thought I would give you some content creators/photographers that inspired me on 2023.

  • Adridol: This wedding photographer is the best thing that ever happened to me! Unfortunately, all her content is in Spanish but I wanted to mention her because not only she takes amazing photos but she is very open and vocal about mental health. I suffer from anxiety and finding someone like me who not only shares my passion but my problems has been life-changing so that’s why she is at the top of my list.

If you have a second to go check out her work, head to her website, her personal Instagram @adridol or her business Instagram @adrianaychristian where she shows hers and her husband’s amazing work.

  • Pye Jersa / SLR Lounge: This guy has been my key reference when it comes to photography theory. His courses are amazing although they are on the expensive side. But if you have the money, I would not hesitate to check them out because I learned so much from them that I cannot even put it into words.

The courses are very complete and very easy to follow so go check them out. Also, he has done a great job at creating educational reels that are not only really good and full of great content but fun to watch.

  • Lizzie Pierce: I just love her! She is a fantastic photographer and YouTuber who is so approachable and knowledgeable that I never miss any of her videos. I have learned so much from her, especially about videos and the photography business.

  • Peter McKinnon: I don’t know what is it about him but he is just great! I like his style (even if it is very different from mine) and his content is just fun. There is always something to learn from his videos too so if you are looking for content ideas, he is a good person to check out.

  • Julia Trotti: She is also a photographer and YouTuber with amazing content. Her videos always have lots of examples so you can see how she gets those amazing shots. Always super easy to follow and very clear. I’m sure if you check her out, you’ll learn a few things.

  • Last but certainly not least, Dani G Schulz: She is a Venezuelan/Ecuadorian content creator who talks and teaches about digital content strategy. She is fun and genuine and to be honest, she just makes me happy. She is so relatable and that’s what I want to be to my audience. So I have learned a lot from her and maybe, if we can build up a community here, we can get her to give her courses in English as well… Who knows?

There are a million people I could probably mention but I think the purpose of this is to encourage you to find those people that push your boundaries. Whether they give you the courage to take the leap and make something different, or they teach you new things, it is important to have that positive influence in your life. We are surrounded by information 24/7 so it can be hard to not feel overwhelmed about everything that people are already doing so try to find those people that bring something in you and use it to take you one step further.

Happy New Year everybody! Let’s have a 2024 full of gorgeous photos, amazing memories and fun!

Lots of love!



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